Sunday, June 17, 2007

Screen Savers, Inexpensive Software and Laptop Parts.

I decided to go with a 3 part post this time since they are all rather short subjects.

1. Screen Savers. You may or may not be using one now. You may or may not know how to change them or even that you can change them. So here's some info. Your computer came with several different screen savers, they help to protect your monitor when you are away and not doing something on the computer by making a change to every pixel on the screen over time thereby preventing a pixel or pixels from heating up and burning an image to the backside of your monitor glass (which can not be cleaned or fixed). To choose a screen saver (or a different one then the one you are using) go to "Start" then "Settings" and then "Control Panel" (depending on your windows version you may be able to go from "start" to "control panel", or the control panel may be named something else like "preferences" or just "settings"). Double click on "Display". Single click on the screen saver tab. There you are. There should be a pull down menu with all the available options and a button you can click for a demo. Pick the one you want and click "ok" or "apply" to make your choice. You can also set how long before the screen saver starts up and a few other settings (depends on which screen saver you selected). Further down the window you can see a button for power settings, go there to change how long before your monitor turns off, or your hard drive, or if you want a password screen to come up, etc.

2. Inexpensive Software. Most stores will not allow software to be returned, this is because it is rather easy to take software home and then burn a copy of it. So once you buy it you own it. One place you can go to try out software before you buy it is at They have freeware and trialware and many useful things there. I don't stock much full product software any more since it becomes outdated so quickly and because I just can't find a decent price from a distributor anywhere anymore. Thus, I shop online for software! Here is a great place to find software at a great price... much better then wholesale in many cases. Check out NothingButSoftware's weekly overstock specials! You might even find something you didn't know was available.

3. Laptop Parts. Finding power packs, batteries, and other parts for Laptops and other handheld devices can be difficult and expensive. I don't stock very many parts for laptops because they are not generic, one part doesn't fit another device, not even from the same manufacturer. Find Over 700 Accessories for Mobile Products at Laptops For Less. I have purchased parts here myself rather then go to the manufacturers site, they seem to be less expensive and they usually have what I need... they probably have what you need as well.

Why am I sending you someplace else for stuff? Well, truth be told if you use the links above for NothingButSoftware and LaptopsForLess I will get paid a small commission. So I'm not exactly losing out, but the real reason is because you need it and I don't stock it. I'd rather offer you a chance to find what you are looking for at the best prices I've been able to find then to just ignore the situation entirely. So don't feel guilty about shopping at these places, I shop there and I would expect you to as well (if you know about them, and now you do).


krishna kashyap av said...

Great information about the screensaver.
I thought the screensavers would use
some of the memory while they were running and i use to turn them off.
But they actually save the pixel from getting heated.
Thanks for sharing..
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shakeel said...

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article is good but, here is not any down loadable links for free screen savers.
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